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Outdoor power supplies in constant voltage with plastic IP case. Wired link.

  • IP67
  • Maximum surface temperature reached by the device in case of failure
  • Class II
  • Safety power supply protected against short circuits
  • Disposal of waste from electrical and electronic equipment
  • Manufactured with low operating voltage compliant with IEC 61558-2-6
  • Flammable area fitting allowed within 200°C
  • CE
  • Equipment manufactured according to European Directives of hazardous Materials

Code Alimentatore Output Alimentatore Input Potenza Max Grado IP Corrente max
APP003.12 12Vdc 110-240Vac 3W IP67 0,25A
APP003.24 24Vdc 110-240Vac 3W IP67 0.125A
APP003.350 3-12Vdc 110-240Vac 3W IP67 350mA
APP003.500 3-7Vdc 110-240Vac 3W IP67 500mA
APP003.650 3-5Vdc 110-240Vac 3W IP67 650mA

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