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Sensore infrarosso on/off per profili LED

Sensore infrarosso on/off per profili LED

Certifications CE , RoHS , EMC , LVD
Packaging Bag
Attachment Cavo
Dimmable SI
Connection Collegamento in parallelo
Warranty 5 years
IP grade IP20
  • Data sheet
Code Description
S05O Sensore infrarosso orizzontale on/off per profili LED
S05V Sensore infrarosso verticale on/off per profili LED
S05O S05V
Current 4A 4A
Output voltage 12,0/24,0Vdc 12,0/24,0Vdc
Input voltage 12,0/24,0Vdc 12,0/24,0Vdc
Watt 96,0W 96,0W
Inner BOX 1 1
Size 50 x 11 50 x 11

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